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First Aid Services For Events – It Will Make Attendees Feel Safe

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First aid for events is an important part of everyone’s life. In my opinion, not just medical students should know about basic first aid services but it should be something that everyone needs to learn. The importance of first aid can be known by its presence in almost every house. For example, our kids keep getting hurt on daily basis. After all, they are kids and who can stop them from being naught, right? And no matter how hard you try, getting hurt on daily basis is normal. Rather it is you or your kid, getting little cuts, burns or scratches is normal in your daily routine.
If I speak the truth, I also get hurt a lot, I don’t know if I am clumsy or what. But getting burns, cuts, and scratches is very common for me. For, I have a whole box of bandages at my home. Along with that, ointments for burns, OTC eye drops, and pain relievers are also part of my first aid box.

First aid training should be given to everyone, starting from school kids to teens and adults. Many kids and teens show interest and join groups and workshops to learn self-care and grooming. But it is very important to spread awareness about getting basic first aid training for everyone.

First Aid For Events:

First aid for events is mandatory even in our daily lives. We cannot just overlook the importance of a first-aid facility in events and festivals. Festivals and sporting events are full of fun, joy, and excitement. That excitement sometimes ends up with something unfortunate. But, if you have a first-aid kit and team ready to deal with any unpleasant surprise then there is nothing to worry about.

Like I previously said, anybody could get hurt in daily lives, it cannot necessarily be kids. But on daily basis, we can get help from our first-aid box present at home. But when we are out there to attend the festival or wedding ceremony of a loved one, we don’t take our first-aid kit along with us, do we? So, in festivities of such events as sports gala, wedding ceremonies, trade shows, or something like Halloween parties, first-aid is mandatory.

Let’s not talk about major damage, but can you imagine someone getting hot coffee spilled all over them? Or a teenager in a music concert, who drank a little more than he should, in the excitement of his favorite singer. What if someone passed out or started fighting because he is over drunk? He needs to get controlled and sorted. To avoid any situation like this one, first-aid facilities and trained first-aid providers should be present at any major or minor event.

Why First Aid Services For Events Are Mandatory?

The first-aid service for events team should be on board with you. Having them on-site will make your event better by decreasing the chances of any unwanted happening. If you are social and have attended a lot of events and festivals, you would be able to recall all the unwanted and unfortunate incidents that happened in a few of the events you attended.

a photo of applying a tourniquet in case of injury at the event

There might not be any hard time for you on your festival that is superbly planned but who knows, right? There is a possibility after all, so having trusted and professional first-aid services for events is not in loss. Hopefully, there isn’t any mishap and your event goes flawless, but first-aid providers for events will take your business to another level up. Your brand will be even more popular because it will be known as the one who cares for its guests. And let me tell you that people like that treatment a lot when they are treated like a VIP and you have done everything possible to make them feel comfortable. Plus, first aid can be required or needed at any place and any time. For example, for sporting events, the sport might look and feel harmless but sometimes it isn’t what it looks like. There are multiple chances and risks associated with sporting events that can require urgent first aid.

Sporting event risk assessment:

A lot can go wrong in a sporting festival that might need medical attention. Let’s take a look at the risks involved in sporting festival:

Curs and bruises:

Race, volleyball, football, or any other sport has chances of falling or hitting unintentionally. Cuts and bruises are very common in a sporting event.


While playing matches, sweating a lot is normal. And that can lead to dehydration.

Sprain and strains:

While kicking a ball or just simply running, a sudden wrong movement of the foot or leg could cause an ankle sprain.

Joint fractures:

Stress fractures are also common as we move our legs and arms in different positions on sudden calls.

Nose bleeding:

If a ball hit your face directly, it can cause your nose to bleed, and nose bleeding is hard to control.


A direct hit to the head can cause a concussion. It needs immediate first aid otherwise damage could be worse.
All these risks mentioned above need to be handled carefully for which we provide first aid cover for a sporting event.

Other events and public gatherings:

When there is a huge crowd of people, there are more chances of injuries and more demand for first-aid. With a lot of people roaming around in the excitement of the event, getting collapsed is one of the risks. Getting heat stroke and sunburn is another risk.

Cuts and bruises are likely to happen when there are a lot of people and so much to do.
First aid covers public events and handles any of these or any other medical assistance.

First aid at festivals:

Festivals like costume parties and music concerts require a lot more attention and necessitate the presence of first aid. People get drunk and sometimes consume illegal substances too. So, there is an intense urge to test them for alcohol.

If you hire first aid for festivals, then it reduces the health risk caused by too much drinking or an adverse reaction to some unknown substance.

first aid for events

First-aid service providers is as necessary for any big or small event, as it is necessary for our daily lives. Sometimes we don’t know how to react to a certain situation. Also, when our loved one is suffering, even if it is small, we start panicking, and not every time we know how to handle things. We don’t want our trip to the festival to go wrong and be unpleasant due to just a small mishap. To avoid that and enjoy your event, make sure of the presence of first aid service providers at the event.

Our mission:

Our mission at Valhalla Medics is to provide the best health care and first aid facilities to the participants of the event. We build up an active and passionate team with certified first aid training and experience in performing in different events at difficult times. By connecting with Valhalla medics, you can guarantee your event to be no less than excellent. Festivals and public events include all ages of people, and that means kids too. And when there are more people, as well as kids, there is more chance of damage or injury. With the Valhalla Medics first aid service team, you no longer have to take responsibility for every single person present at the event, because we are there to cover it for you.

You can find your answers about our reputation, by checking out our website. We work with loyal clients because once they start working with us, they start trusting us. You can check by yourself if you want to know about the clients we work with, all over the U.S.

Event first aid services prices

Once we have received all the information we need about your event, we will be able to estimate the individual prices for the first aid services.

For more detailed information, contact us by phone or fill out the form. Our expert will call you back to discuss your event and provide you with the best first aid prices.

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