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Event Medical Staff/Specialists Are Essential At Every Event

Event Medical Staff Specialists

Event management; phew, so stressful. No matter what stage of life you are going through, you would have experienced an event management scenario at some phase in your life. Well, not that I am jealous, but kids these days are planning and organizing events better than we ever did.

So, starting from school kids, to prom night at high school, graduation party, bachelor party, wedding event, or any other grand event or opening ceremony for a brand; event management needs to be there. For any of these events, there is a whole team of co-workers who are working together as a team to make your event blast.

If you think you are an amazing planner and a manager, then you bet your event to go effortlessly, unless; there is an unfortunate incident. And what can that be in a homecoming party? Well, maybe not like movies, but unfortunate events could happen anywhere anytime. Just like the one I witnessed; which happened at some farewell party of college. The mood of the party was so high, and everyone was showing up their moves when the lights went out. And after someone pulled up the generator, it figured out to be some short wiring of the DJ’s music system. He may be didn’t notice in excitement, or just misjudged, but he was lying there on the floor sighing in pain. That’s when everyone started panicking because there was no such thing as first-aid. The purpose of stating this whole scenario is to make you realize the value of event medical staff at any such gathering. Indeed, it’s your big day, and you have spent a lot of time and effort to make it end flawlessly, but there is still a minor chance of unfortunate events. If you want your grand brand opening to be magnificent, then your best bet is to hire event medical specialists. It is also your moral and legal duty to make your participants feel secure.

What Kind Of Injuries Are Addressed By Event Medical Staffing?

Festivals that have a high risk of damage and injuries, like sporting events such as; skateboarding or rock climbing. In such events, you know the risk, and you might plan accordingly, but who knows the level of damage that could happen at a simple birthday party, right? Let me tell you the possibilities, and why you need to hire on-site medical specialists for even a birthday party.

photo of the event with fireworks

“It was just a simple, sweet and entertaining birthday party with all the décor and fun stuff for kids. Just like other games and food, many kids were busy having fun at a jumping castle that’s my favorite too). And suddenly with a voice of “thud”, everyone noticed the following shouts and creeks because a kid, while jumping high, fell off from the jumping castle and hit her head on the cake table. In no time, the kid was bleeding like hell. We couldn’t even sort out where she cut because her whole face was covered in blood. I cannot forget that site, it was horrible. And when we took out the kid, put her in the car, and drove to the hospital, we faced traffic jams and the unavailability of a plastic surgeon in the first hospital. So, we had to go to the other hospital. After they stopped the bleeding, it was a wait of almost an hour before she got stitched. Who knew, that a simple, sweet, and happy birthday party would bring tears and fear among everyone especially kids, at the end.

What got to happen, happens. But, all of this panic and pain could have been avoided if there was a medical team or an ambulance on stand-by. Event medical technicians can handle all sorts of injuries or illnesses, in such cases. They can provide immediate first aid in case of a serious issue like a heart attack or any other fatal illness situation. And an ambulance on standby can quickly take the patient to the nearest hospital. An ambulance has also got all the stuff to deal with emergencies. So, a lot of mess, stress, and hassle could be avoided, with the presence of an EMS team.

Presence of event medical team and peace of mind:

No matter how big or small the event is, having a medical technician helps reduce the risk of emergency and ensures people’s safety. Different events have different kinds of risks. Possibly not an obvious risk, but let’s take a look at the following circumstances that can be made unknowingly:

Your attendees feel valued:

If you want your attendees to feel comfortable and enjoy the event even more, then you need to hire event medical specialists. When your attendees will see that a whole bunch of medical professionals are present on-site for their comfort and safety, then they will automatically feel safer and will enjoy themselves peacefully.

Musical concerts:

Youngsters like to party with all the possible means when it comes to music and dancing. Music festivals and concerts are usually for all ages people. So, there might be consumption of some substances that can be threatening to sensitive people. Normal people won’t know what they are dealing with, and in case of an adverse reaction, one could even risk his life. so, the presence of medical specialists on board is essential.

Alcohol intake:

A lot of alcohol intake at parties or other events can also cause trouble. Drinking alcohol influences everyone differently. Especially, when mixed with an illegal substance, or an over-drinking of alcohol influence everyone differently. Some people get violent and gritty, others couldn’t digest alcohol more than a certain limit, so they pass out or react badly. These cases could turn out worse if the event medical team isn’t there.

Less chance of damage and liabilities:

Having event medical staffing on-site not just gives your guests a sense of security, but in case of any bad incident, it helps reduce the damage and expenditure. An unprepared accident outcome could be a lot worse than the one that has already been taken care of.

Event Medical Staff Of Valhalla Medics:

You can get the best and most trusted EMS services if you work with Valhalla Medics. Once you get to know our staff and trust them with your event, then management and safety issues are not yours to worry about anymore. We will handle everything and you can enjoy your moment of appreciation with your attendees for planning such an amazing event.

By choosing Valhalla Medics for your event, you will be stress-free for the rest of the event. We make sure to provide our whole qualified team to help you with the organization of the event and bring your brand to the limelight by keeping your businesses open.

medical staff at the event to provide EMS if needed

We provide multiple services, which include standby ambulance, testing options, COVID testing, vitality drip, alcohol testing, and more, along with regular medical services. when you make a contract with us, we provide regular packages and teams to perform in shifts, according to your event. We also offer additional services as per the requirement of an event like COVID testing for a sporting event or alcohol testing for a musical concert. But these services come with individual or group testing charges. Our team of medical professionals that are going to assist you at the event, includes:

~ Medical coordinator (for organizational sites)
~ Paramedics (for support in urgent situations)
~ Nurses (for COVID testing)
~ Standby ambulance specialists and drivers

Our purpose is to provide complete safety and make your guests feel valued by providing top-notch medical services so they know that their safety is our priority. If you want to know more about services, go check our website: https://valhallamedics.com/

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