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EMT Services And Paramedics For Sporting Events

EMT Services And Paramedics For Sporting Events

Event Medical Services add great value whenever an event is well-planned by taking care of guests’ safety. Maybe nothing has ever happened to you personally, but have you ever experienced going to a festival or an event, where you saw someone get hurt due to an unfortunate incident? Like, someone hit their head with a basketball thrown to the basket, or instead hitting someone covering the basket? And possibilities include the unconsciousness of that person if hit on the sensitive area of the head. EMT for sporting events with paramedics is always the right solution to keep safe your participants and attendees. 

In this kind of sudden, unfortunate, and unpleasant accident, to avoid irreversible damage, an event medical services team should be there. If you want to know more about it or want to hire one for your next sporting event, then you can contact Valhalla Medics or just take a look at our website https://valhallamedics.com/.

What Are EMT Services For Sporting Events?

Just take a look at a report of the National Federation of State High School Association. They say that almost 1.1 million athletes take part in sporting events like football every year. and surprisingly, among them, there are 2 million injuries recorded among which few were fatal. Along with 500,000 doctor visits and 30, 000 hospitalizations every year, few of those athletes are due to direct fatalities like a head injury or cervical fractures. Indirect fatalities include heat stroke or heart-related issues.

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The point is, did you ever think that on Friday night lights at your college while cheering for your favorite team and the player running to make a goal takes a helmet-to-helmet hit and immediately lose consciousness. Now, team players, coaches, and others are surrounding him and yelling for someone to call an ambulance. Why? Because no paramedics facility or an ambulance is standing out there. Okay, well maybe the injuries or casualties are very rare at a usual football game or regular catch game but it’s always better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

EMT services for sporting events play a huge role in avoiding these kinds of uncertain situations and they handle everything professionally and wisely. There are many roles that EMS systems play in protecting the health of the community. To provide reliable and efficient standby medical coverage for large-scale public events, such as sporting events and fairs, it is necessary to plan thoroughly. Public gatherings, such as memorials and protests, can’t be pre-planned to the same extent, but you can still plan for these events. In the event of a mass casualty incident, EMT providers can quickly scale their coverage with proper planning and communication among stakeholders.

Why Should You Hire Paramedics For A Sporting Event?

Yes, we know that. You may say that why would anyone need paramedics for harmless, trouble-free gaming or sporting event, right? But let us tell you, there should be a paramedics team waiting outside steadily to handle any unfortunate incident.

A player who might hit his head sprained his ankle or got a heat stroke. There also could be an illness bothering someone who has come to cheer their boy. There could be minor, non-threatening injuries as well as life-threatening major injuries. In any case, there should be a quick paramedic service to stop the worst from happening.

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Paramedics for sporting events make your event fool-proof and make you feel relaxed by taking the pressure of things going wrong. What could go worse than causing harm to one of your guests? And if that is taken care of perfectly, then there is no need to be worried. Nothing else is more important than the human life and safety of attendees.

Just think about it, did you ever see a cricket player getting hit with a hardball? Well, you might have, if you are a cricket fan and how a player is surrounded by a coach, trainers, and paramedics. That could happen even at regular club football or cricket match. So, EMT for sporting events is a must and it should have been authorized and legalized sooner. But better late than never. Valhalla Medics will be happy to assist you with your next event.

About Valhalla Medics:

Valhalla Medics are one of the most trusted onsite and special event medical services. If you are worried about the annual football tournament conducted next week in your high school and you want your students to be safe and protected so your tournament ends peacefully without creating any trouble, then Valhalla Medics are at your service.

You can have us at your service and we will manage everything and make it safer and better for you than ever. We provide multiple services, not just first-aid. So, whatever you need, just name it. Take a look at the following list of services provided by Valhalla medics:

  • First-aid and medical teams
  • Medical logistics and planning
  • On-site paramedics
  • Medical equipment and supplies for a sports event
  • COVID testing for sporting events
  • Ambulance available on standby per request

We have baseline certified EMT service. Our technicians are experienced and trained thoroughly in up-to-date COVID and alcohol testing tech. We will do whatever you want to make your guests feel comfortable.

Our technicians will reach your place fully geared up with their own fully stocked tech bags. And they will be on standby for up to 8-12 hours. You can trust our service because we have medics professional and reliable with EMT experience so no need to worry or have second thoughts. If you do so, call us or come see us for complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Valhalla Medics For Sporting Events?

There are many reasons why you should work with us. Our clients are a top priority for us. Your satisfaction is our success. And we ensure that by offering a wide range of services:

• Medical technicians and paramedics with extensive experience in emergency medical services are on hand.
• For every tech, a fully-stocked tech bag is provided.
• Ambulances can also be provided if necessary.
• A minimum of four hours call out.

To make it even better for you, let us tell you that we are already working with top-rated sporting events. We provide EMT services for our loyal VIP clients. You can take a look at our valuable clients by just clicking on the following event.

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