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Certified Industrial Medical Services

Certified Industrial Medical Services

Event medical services can be a lifesaver if you hire them for every event possible. Not to mention that the vent could be small, big, or huge. It could just be your family gathering or a birthday bash for your sweet sixteen daughters. It could either be a musical or a game night at your farmhouse.

Do you think that there is no need for event medical services for such events? You might not be right. Because these events could end up having a disaster due to some reason or as the result of a harmless kid’s prank.

The point of all this is that event medical solutions can save all the trouble, risk, and stress from the event. And it just doesn’t mean that you only need medical services in the area with a huge crowd or some public event. Even doctors and medical professionals, scientists, and lab workers also require medical services.

What is an industrial medical service and what they are for?

Being in the medical industry doesn’t mean that you would never require any medical assistance from some other medical personnel. Instead, you may need help from your colleague all the time. Just like working in a workplace, you always keep asking for favors from your teammates and colleagues. Just like that, in the medical industry, although all professionals are working, when they get sick or injured while working, they will not be able to help themselves. This is why the presence of industrial medical services is important in such places.

Industrial areas where medical products are kept, made, and tested. If pharmaceutics production and other stuff related to the medical industry are done, the chances of getting injured or minor illnesses while being around chemicals could be increased. And not just this, whatever work you are in, when you are working in the industry then there are risks and chances of getting hurt or needing medical attention all the time. I have observed and witnessed people fainting from low bp and low sugar.

To avoid any inconvenience and decrease the chances of getting affected, there should be an industrial medical services team. Because people working in the industry might need medical assistance more than anyone else.

Why is it important to have good health in the workplace?

Why is it important to have good health in the workplace

You need the right energy and health to do anything steadily. If you want to be active and efficient at your workplace then make sure that you take care of your health. A healthy employee makes the best employee.

Let’s take a look at why is it important to have good health in the workplace:

Improved productivity:

If employees are not sick all the time, not taking back-to-back sick leaves, then it improves the productivity of a workplace. Healthy employees can put more effort, energy, and brains into the workplace.

Less medical expense:

If your employees are healthy in the workplace, it means they are overall healthy because employees spend almost 2/3rd of their time at the office. So, they need to be healthy at the workplace as it will also reduce the healthcare cost if they get sick rare.

Morale high:

As many employees are healthier, as much it will influence the other staff and keep their morale high.

Decrease stress:

If an employee is not feeling good and has headaches or other health issues frequently, then he/she will not be able to focus. If an employee is healthy, he will have less to stress about. You must encourage your employees to work out and take a walk in their free time because it also reduces stress.

Satisfied employees:

If employees are healthy, they are also happy. And happy employees are more productive for the company and they are most satisfied as well.

Medical services for your staff at the workplace:

Valhalla Medics offer their services for industrial purposes. We aim to make sure that people stay healthy and feel protected wherever they are. Especially the workplace is like a second home for most of the employees due to the amount of time they spend over there. So, it is important to make them feel valued and safe. Industrial medical services for your employees provided by Valhalla medics include:

Qualified medics for site

We have staff who is experienced and capable of working in strict conditions and environment. They can work under pressure, without taking any pressure. Our team is specially trained for providing their services as onsite medics.


We have a team of paramedics, that will quickly barge in when something unfortunate happens. They will be there to handle the emergency and minimize the damage.


We have nurses for all the assistance like testing, injection, and other aid.


Ambulances and drivers are available and on standby all the time. If there is an emergency like a heart attack or something else which cannot be treated on an urgent basis and need to be hospitalized, then the drivers and ambulance will help take the patient to the hospital immediately.

First incident observance

In case there is an injury, then it will be reported and assisted by our staff so that the source is taken care of and no one else gets injured from the same site.

Treatment of wounds and minute sickness:

Even something simpler like scalded tongue, friction burn, or a cut from broken glass can be easily treated with the first-aid provided by trained professionals.

Drug testing:

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In an event like a musical concert or party, there are more chances of people taking drugs and causing chaos. Which is taken care of by our drug testing team.

Stability exam

Once the patient is treated for a certain wound, injury, or illness, then he/she must wait for some time before getting functional. Because sickness or wound can cause a person to be traumatized physically or mentally. So, a detailed exam is held to keep track of the patient’s stability.

Valhalla Medics provide certified industrial medical services:

Our company is aimed to provide the best health services for your staff at the workplace so that they truly feel like their second home. An employee needs to work hard and put their effort and productivity honestly into building the company. When the staff is satisfied with their higher-ups, then they will do anything to make the boss happy too.

If you hire us then we must keep your employees safe and make them feel healthier and happier as they are protected and cared for by their industry.

We are a certified industrial medical services provider. If you want to make sure of that then you can fish our website or you can come down to our headquarters. Our job is to keep people healthy and safe. Quick and professional medical attention could reduce the risk of things getting worse and putting one’s life in danger.

Valhalla Medics – We take care of you like your family:

Our goal is to keep our valuable clients safe and happy. We make sure to look after the needs of your employees. Your employees will be able to feel relaxed about their health concerns and could work better in a workplace with professional and certified industrial medical services. And the point that they are being taken care of will make them feel valued and they can perform better.

Why should you opt for Valhalla Medics?

If you are searching for certified industrial medical services then you must hire someone with certifications, reliability, positive rating, and qualified staff. This is all we provide here at Valhalla Medics. The reason why you should hire Valhalla Medics for your next carnival is that we offer our professional medical services and we have proved ourselves worthy by working with various clients. Please contact us.

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