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Special Event Medical Services From Valhalla Medics

Special Event Medical Services From Valhalla Medics

Have you ever enjoyed going to games? Games like Polo, Golf, Football and there are many more. And most of them are mostly harmless, other than some rare cases of injuries. Although injuries could happen anytime and to anyone during the event, in a public gathering, or during a game. But then there are some sporting events and games that are more susceptible to injuries that can lead to concussions and other serious health issues.

Sometimes, even a fall during a football game or a head bump during a baseball game could cause internal bleeding and lead to a concussion or stroke. Other sporting events like car or bike races, boxing, wrestling, and polo also have increased risk and danger, but so is the fun. So, why ruin the fun factor? If you want to enjoy these events and take part then go ahead because we will be there to take care of everything just in case.

What is a special event medical service?

Special event medical services are offered and hired for events that have more chance of serious injuries and mishaps. Especially sporting events could use these services. Usually, EMS includes paramedics, nurses, and ambulances. But when we talk about special event medical services then it also includes mobile hospitals. The ones that are created on spot in tents, for detailed testing and treating serious patients. Special event medical services also include Basic life support (BLS) or Advanced life support (ALS).

These services can be mostly hired in case of events that are held on a huge level. And most sporting events are far from the city, where there is open ground and plenty of space. So, in case of some serious injury, patients couldn’t be taken to the hospital right away, and a delay could be fatal for them. In this kind of situation, there comes the role of special event medical services. They have all the equipment, qualification, and medication to treat any kind of injury and patients. Hospital beds and stretchers are also included in the equipment.

Why should there be SEMS at your event?

Special event medical services can be your greatest companion in conducting a successful event. It is always important to keep the safety and fitness of attendees on priority. And if you want to make your event stand out, then call us for special services.

Making your event go, first class is a dream come true for every organizer. But, behind this dream come true is the effort of the manager and many other people. And still, there are chances of liabilities and risks that cannot be avoided. But what you can do is minimize the risk and find a way to prevent it. If you are organizing a huge event then you need to keep your guests safe.

Advantages of having medical services at your event:

Take a look at how these services help make your event a success:

Reduce risk rate:

If the event has to go smoothly, it will turn out well, most of the time. But unfortunate events don’t come after informing. And this is why you should never forget hiring paramedics staff for your event. Hiring special event medical services reduces the liabilities and other issues as well. In case of mishaps, you can also be legally sued which is why no risk should be taken.

Reduce stress

If you hire a trained staff with professional equipment and an organized team then it will make you feel comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed. You can easily take a look around to see the happy faces of your attendees who are praising your efforts. You don’t have to panic or worried about something getting wrong at some moment. Because there is a team who has done measures to prevent mishaps and handle if some happen.

Professional look:

Having paramedics at your service brings your brand to the limelight. It will make your event and company look professional. This point is noted by big brand owners and managers. It could make you stand out in the crowd for having professional and amazing medical services onsite.

Value guests:

Our clients are valuable to us. And your guests are the same for you. So you should not leverage their security and health. By having onsite medical services, you will make your guests feel valued and protected.

When is the right time to hire us?

As we mentioned earlier that special event medical services are useful and trustworthy for all kinds of huge events and crowds. If you are hosting a sporting event, a corporate event, or anything else, you can get in touch with Valhalla Medics for more details about what kind of medical services you should acquire. You can hire special services when:

• The event is vast and you have a lot of attendees who expected the event. There are possibilities of mishaps, injuries, and weather sickness.

• It also depends on the venues like if your event is something that is being conducted in halls, arenas, stadiums or clubs, etc, then you need a detailed medics team onsite.

• Usually, kinds of events like festivals, corporate events, sporting events, and parades are held on a huge level with a limitless crowd. In case of events like these, there should be a mobile hospital with all the necessary equipment and staff to deal with any emergency.

We serve the best clients across the US:

Event Medical Specialists

Do you know what represents the reputation of the company? Well, of course, the reviews of people who have already used the services of the company. Even when we buy something as small as a shaver or go to the doctor, we always make sure to check the credibility of a person or a product. We keep our eyes open toward everything that connects to us in any way.

For an event manager, his most important entity is his guests, attendees, or participants. He will do everything possible in his command to make them feel good about the event. And this is how the business gets promoted. If your first event has gone well then you might get the bigger one next time and so on. So, we also started our journey years ago, and now we can proudly present ourselves as authentic, certified, and reliable event medical solutions.

You can easily get to know about us being trustworthy, reliable, and reputable by taking a look at our clients that we have already served and are still working with. You will be glad to find out that we have served some top-rated clients all around the US. You can take a look at our clients here:

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Why choose Valhalla medics?

After the 2020 New York on Pause, companies reopened, but they still had to worry about the safety of their staff and clients. Companies are under pressure to adapt rapidly to new safety rules and processes, yet they frequently lack the resources to do so. As the “new normal” developed, Valhalla Medics were established to meet these demands. To keep shows running and businesses afloat, we had to hire emts and train people as COVID compliance officers to handle daily safety issues. Our business expanded along with the demands of our clientele. Our expansion into corporate and concierge services was prompted by a desire to better serve our existing clientele and attract new ones.

Valhalla Medics’ primary goal across the board is to ensure that our customers’ businesses and staff members are safe. Medical personnel that has been trained to adhere to the rigorous COVID-19 compliance criteria allow us to offer the best event medical services in the country.

Not that COVID is the only problem right now, but it has made us learn a lot about how to care for ourselves and others as well. So, while you have started to worry about your health more than ever, you must also know that the safety and health of others are as much important as your own. This is how we feel about our clients and their guests.

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