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3 Major Benefits of Providing EMS Services at Your  University

Major Benefits of- Providing

Providing EMS services on a university or college campus presents a wealth of advantages not only to students, for the institution at large. The EMT’s with Valhalla Medics can help your campus community by ensuring that students have accessible care that is confidential, affordable & without judgment. Here are the reasons why our EMS services work to greatly benefit your student body by providing onsite medical care. 

A Safer College Environment

Campuses are filled with plenty of excitement, where various event & party settings sometimes lead to unfortunate situations that require immediate medical attention. Valhalla’s EMS services offer professional care, support & advice to young adults who may not otherwise seek out help in certain environments.

In larger university settings where alcohol poisoning, fraternity or sorority hazing, & drug use may be common, campus based EMS services can provide a safe space for students to receive help, & in turn increase the possibility of getting immediate, lifesaving care.

Avoiding Unneeded Hospital Visits

Naturally, some medical situations that arise on college campuses don’t always call for a trip to the emergency room. EMS services can be a huge advantage in these circumstances when a portion of the student body is financially responsible for themselves. This ensures you’re caring for your students so they can continue enrollment with your 

Especially since many college students work, study & socialize during later hours, the cost of an unnecessary ER visit is known to sometimes result in a person negating care they need altogether. However, if a more serious situation does arise that requires an ambulance, our EMS services can facilitate that immediately. 

Ensuring Non Judgemental Care 

Valhalla EMS Services is well-acquainted to a slew of environments where young adults are the major demographic. Our EMTs are well-trained to provide a confidential, understanding approach for individuals who may be experimenting with certain substances, having an emotionally traumatic experience, or enduring other non-life threatening situations that still warrants medical attention. 

By having a regular service of EMT’s on college campuses, students have the opportunity to build a rapport with our staff. Having that familiar face around makes it much easier for students to seek out care when they need it, regardless of what their situation may be. 

Let Valhalla Medics Make Your Campus Safer 

We provide EMS in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas & Los Angeles where countless educational institutions large & small are in need of supporting student bodies. Our EMT’s exceed the state requirements where they operate, ensuring your campus will have access to the best immediate care available. Let us help you make your campus safer, & your students better supported today.


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