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The Meaning Of Valhalla: Valhalla Medics & What It Means to Us

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, gathering was a ritual that had hardly ever been tampered with in the history of humankind. As the world turned a new chapter in 2020, there was an undeniable need to help people interact the way we always have: in person. Valhalla Medics was created to do just that.

After New York’s lockdown, Valhalla Medics came to be to provide COVID testing for businesses to help them stay open & individuals who wanted a way to safely come together with their loved ones. Over the past two years, we’ve expanded our services, providing onsite emergency medical services (EMS) at large events in NYC, Miami, Dallas & Los Angeles.

Our mission is to help the public stay safe while navigating through this new normal together.

Where does the name Valhalla come from?

Valhalla comes from Norse mythology, an elaborate hall where fallen warriors & heroes reside. Norse legend describes Valhalla as a resting place in Asgard— the realm of the gods— where heroes feast, drink & fight for their god, Odin, against giants. The “gold bright” roof is made of shields, the rafters of spears, & is protected by wolves & eagles flying overhead.

What Does Valhalla Mean to Us?

The name Valhalla conveys a place of absolute protection for the heroes of the day. Our business was built on a foundation of being modern day warriors for communities to come back together safely, be it at work,an event, a movie set, or our own homes. Our EMS staff are certified as COVID compliance officers & for emergency medical services, helping us all fight the good fight, together.

Need an On-Site COVID Test Provider? Get in Touch

We’re ready to take on the challenge of keeping communities everywhere safe. Whether you’re a producer working on a movie & require daily testing or someone throwing a private party who wants to keep your guests safe, we’re here for you. We are all heroes making it through this challenging time together.

Valhalla Medics is equipped with the staff, skills, & support necessary to make it through every new day safely. Contact us directly, & we’ll be there.


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