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Daily COVID Testing Service for Your New York Business

Daily COVID Testing Service

As COVID testing continues to be a prevalent aspect of daily life, utilizing private services like Valhalla Medics provides businesses around New York with multiple benefits.

We provide a variety COVID tests to fit your specific needs, including rapid antigen, molecular, PCR and antibody testing. Each of these services have been approved by the FDA and CDC for both domestic and international travelers, private individuals, and business owners who need to be COVID compliant.

Our antigen tests are popular for producing results within 10 minutes, while other rapid tests like our RT-PCR are found to be 99.9% accurate and take only 30 minutes to get results. Depending on your needs, Valhalla Medics has a certified option to fulfill your testing requirements.

Here are a few reasons why your business or event will benefit from using Valhalla Medics for onsite testing.

Flexible Availability

We understand that the need for COVID testing can be difficult to plan for, especially when it involves an entire staff and your clients. Since Valhalla Medics is completely mobile, we’re able to fulfill requests for onsite testing with as little as 24 hours notice.

Depending on the size of your group that needs testing, we provide between 2 to 4 medics onsite. In a time where needs and requirements are often impromptu, our medics are always prepared to travel to the next location where onsite COVID testing is needed.

Adaptable to Any Environment

Our testing stations are versatile and compact, which makes it easy for us to set up in a variety of environments. Onsite COVID testing adapts well to office settings, private parties, production studios, as well as event venues like nightclubs, stadiums, theatres, and conferences.

Onsite rapid testing is a great option to ensure every visitor at your business or event is tested even if they’re not showing symptoms. This allows you to continue going about business as usual while having the assurance of COVID-free interactions.

Keeping Your Community Safe

Onsite and regular COVID testing allows people to go into your business, enjoy events, and attend gatherings feeling protected, all while participating in in-person interactions the way we’re meant to. Offering immediate accessible testing allows us to collectively stay informed and slow the spread of this unpredictable virus.

We believe in helping our communities come together safely. By providing onsite COVID testing to businesses across New York, we can prevent shutdowns and help others feel more normal out of the “new normal” that’s taken shape from the pandemic. Contact us to schedule regular, onsite COVID testing now!


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