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Top Quality Event Medicine With Valhalla Medics

Top Quality Event Medicine With Valhalla Medics

Planning an event doesn’t require any less effort. You need to put all you have got. It requires a lot of hard work to make your event a success. Whatever the event might be, if it ends up successful, spreading happiness means you have accomplished your goal. But the event ends with people praising them on their way out, they don’t know the team effort, days and weeks of planning collaboration, and hard work.

For an event manager, it is very difficult to handle everything on his/her own. It’s hard to take care of everything alone and perfectly. So, it is important and recommended to have someone by your side if you are planning a big event or a mass gathering. Having an event medicine on board can be a lot of help. You can pre-plan the medical insecurities, potential risks, and possible incidents that can happen in the event. With the help of the Valhalla team, you will be able to cover the ground in less time and with more precision.

What is even medicine?

Event medicine is a medical service that is pre-planned, reviewed, and executed in the event to stop any casualties from happening. It is to treat big or small medical troubles with professional help and trained physicians. Event medicine is about providing security and first aid to the attendees that require any.

The event medicine team is more like scouts that are trained to provide first-aid and handle emergencies without panicking, to avoid any unimaginable loss. Event medicine providers can treat any wounds, injuries, or minor illnesses. They are also eligible to handle emergencies in which a patient needs special treatment. So, he/she would be given first aid by the service providers, and alter will be taken to the hospital to stabilize.

Anything can happen during an event. You cannot be always sure that there won’t be any mishaps or unexpected medical needs. Because anything can happen at any time, and you never know about attendees’ medical health, their allergies, and how they react to extreme weather. In that case, it is always better to be prepared for what comes to you just in case. So, whatever the event, rather it is a sports event or corporate one, the presence of event medicine is mandatory to avoid any consequences.

What does the medicine for events include?

Medical Standby Services

A problem can never come knocking at the door. It will be there before you know it. So, you should be prepared for what life throws at you. And that is exactly the case when we talk about an event. you can plan all perfectly, leaving no loopholes, making it foolproof, but an emergency can pop up anytime. You have managed fire safety and other potential risks, but what about if one of your event attendees gets sick, injured, or bruised? Do you have precautionary measures for that too? If not, contact Valhalla Medics now and we will cover the following events for you:

Mass gatherings

Gatherings of sufficient people where safety can be easily compromised, need to have event medicine on-site to avoid multiple incidents. With the crowd of people such huge to handle, anyone could easily get hurt and with any unfortunate event, there could be disastrous results. To avoid all the chaos, event medicine should mandatorily be in such mass gatherings.

Music festivals

Music makes you feel high. But when it is combined with drinking and all, it could make you end up hungover. And that could be dangerous in many ways. So having event medicine on-site could help with alcohol and drug testing and handling other issues that can be caused by drinking.

Concerts and musical events

Concerts and musical events always have a huge number of attendees, and with such gatherings, anything can happen at any time. The administration should be prepared for any medical needs in such cases.

Small and large-scale events

All small and large events can be hosted by Valhalla Medics. You just need to contact us.


Any public function like a charity needs a medical team as well.

Amateur and professional sports

Sports events handled privately or professionally have an immense need for event medicine because there is a huge risk of people getting injured. All kinds of sports like an individual and team sports, motorsports and racing, marathon, etc.

Meetings, conferences, and conventions

Official and business events should also hire event medicine staff because it is a legal need and help improve your reputation and reliability. All business events like meetings, conferences, conventions, corporate, VIP events, and award and recognition events shouldn’t be held without medical aid.

The film, and set productions

When shooting for a drama or film, there are stunts, takes, and roles that are bold and could affect mentally or physically so there should always be a team of professional medical staff.

Our team of healthcare professionals includes:

We don’t work individually. Our staff work in teams. We make sure to provide all the relevant and required specialists to serve clients professionally. Our team that you will hire include:


They are supposed to take responsibility for the safety of attendees. It means that if any of the attendees required medical assistance, like someone who has got low sugar symptoms or got bp issues, our paramedics will handle them. someone with a minor injury or wound will also be taken care of. Anything else like a bruise, scratch or burn will be treated instantly too.


Nurses are part of a team to do the tests and provides any further medical assistance required by paramedics like drips, injections, and testing.

Doctors – FACEM, emergency, sports, and general

As we said, our team consists of professionals and which means we have all sorts of professionals to handle a medical emergencies of all kinds. It could be a sports emergency like a knockout, concussion, or bleeding or it could be a general emergency like a heart attack, seizures, or something. Our doctors are capable of providing first-aid medical treatment to stabilize the patient so that patient could be taken to the hospital to serve better.


What Kind Of Injuries Are Addressed By Event Medical Staffing

Valhalla Medics team also has other personnel to perform various duties like keeping an eye to report injuries, organizing the event, standby ambulance and drivers, and more. You can take a look at our website for more details.

Our event medicine and coverage will be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget

You don’t have to worry about the budget or package that includes a few things of your need and a few that you don’t need. We can customize the package for you including every service you need within an affordable budget. We have made some loyal clients and it could be only done by keeping them happy with the quality of service and budget.

We serve the best clients across the US

Our company is well known for leading the best clients’ event medicine needs. And it is not just restricted to one suburb. We are known for our best services all around the US. so if you have any insecurities about hiring Valhalla Medics event medicine then you can take a further look at our clients by clicking the link below.

Contact Valhalla medics to get your estimate.

If you want to get an estimate for the specific services you require for your events then don’t ask anybody else and come straight to us. We will give you your estimate and a special package filled with the services you need and the budget you have.

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