Valhalla Medics offers specialized medical staffing solutions that guarantee expedient delivery of first-rate talent to healthcare settings. Our services are tailor made for your business, so you can rest assured knowing all your needs will be addressed with the utmost professionalism and quality assurance.

Professional event paramedic services

We’ve worked on over 200 projects with 1500+ clients

Why Choose Valhalla Medics?

Our fully vetted "medics" are at baseline certified EMTs with Basic Life Support training

Professional & reliable with Emergency Medical Services experience

Capable of working discreetly with high profile clientele

Advanced Life Support such as Paramedics & ambulances also available upon request

All “medics” come prepared with a fully stocked tech bag

Your project will be managed by our dynamic administrative team and staffed with trained medical professionals

Medical Services for Productions and Sets3

Valhalla Medics is the go-to resource for healthcare organizations to efficiently and effectively access specialized talent. From providing vaccination support staff, nurse practitioners, or locum tenens; Valhalla Medics excels in bridging any possible gap needed in a company’s medical ecosystem – ensuring top quality care at all times.

Now Staffing:

Nurse Practitioners: 

Valhalla Medics Nurse Practitioners give your healthcare system and practice the upgraded standard of care it deserves. These multifaceted pros are equipped to work in a wide selection of health facilities, making sure that patient needs—no matter how far-reaching or complex—will get met with ease. Put simply, their profound expertise ensures superior medical outcomes for all involved!
  • Family Nurse Practitioner 
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Locum tenens:

We offer a unique opportunity for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners – locum tenens support across a variety of healthcare settings. Enjoy the flexibility to self-manage your schedule while being paid competitively, as well as having the advantage of discovering new places during assignments.


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Event Medical Services play an essential role in ensuring the safety and well-being of event attendees. Whether it’s a bike race, corporate gathering, or New Year’s Eve party – having qualified medical personnel onsite provides peace of mind by responding to any potential emergency situations that may arise while providing general assistance throughout the event.

Call or email us with your request for onsite event  medical services. Our administrative team will provide an personalized plan and itemized estimate based on your needs.

Valhalla Medics is the go-to source for exceptional healthcare solutions. Our team of highly experienced medical professionals are on standby to ensure your staff work with peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen unpleasant circumstance has a dedicated resource ready to tackle it quickly and effectively.


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