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Best medical cover for your events with Valhalla Medics

Best medical cover for your events with Valhalla Medics

Medical covers; raises questions for most of you but you would also be able to sense the emergency that might be associated with this term. Yes, medical covers are an intense requirement all the time and everywhere. Medical assistance can be needed anytime. This is the reason why some schools are also starting first-aid training programs for high schoolers as well.

Being able to give first-aid is a skill that can help a lot of people. Imagine being on a vacation and you see someone fall off a tree while trying to have some fun climbing. It might not be anything to worry about, but in case the person who fell off sprained his ankle, and got some bruises then what? If any first-aid provider is present on spot, then they will be able to handle the situation with a basic first-aid kit. Because they know what to do in such situations and with such injuries. So, it is always important to have medical cover for events, festivals, and other gatherings because when there is an increasing crowd, there is increasing risk as well.

What is a medical cover for events and why is it important?

Medical cover for events is like a safety shield that is provided to the attendees of an event. It means providing beforehand medical assistance and first-aid services for the attendees at the event. It involves handling first-aid and other cases that can occur due to falls, sprains, or any other injuries. They are trained to provide quick yet professional treatment to the attendee who is wounded or experiencing sickness of some kind during an event.

All kinds of events require medical cover, even if that is a road running, New Year’s Eve party, bike racing, or any other events including corporate events as well. The purpose of getting medical cover is to provide medical assistance to the event organizers so that they have a little less to worry about. The medical cover team will take care of the flaws and downfalls if there are any possible events. They are also able to handle the situation if anything still happens to an attendee.

Medical cover for sporting events holds a lot more importance because sports of different kinds are more prone to injuries and they require the most medical assistance the most. And the kind of injuries usually occurs at sporting events need quick first-aid as they can lead the patient’s life into danger. A shot hit by a player that ends up hitting someone’s head might lead to a concussion which can be dangerous if not handled right on time. Sporting events like car racing and bike racing also carry a lot more risk than other events and festivals, so there is a special need for medical cover at sporting events all the time.

Having a medical team on board makes things go smoother and nothing ends up in chaos. It’s human nature that we get panicked easily. If we don’t fear for ourselves, we fear for our loved ones, like our kids and family who are with us at the event. So, when it is any kind of event, sporting, corporate, or some kind of festival, something could go wrong anytime, even if everything is foolproof. And it is always better to prepare for such things to avoid chaos, panic, and life-threatening incidents.

Types of events that require medical cover:

Medical Standby Services

There is no discussion about whether you require medical cover for your event or not. Whatever event it is, if it involves a bunch of people, it would require medical cover. When there are more people, the risk of getting hurt increases. If you think that how could something as sweet and simple as a wedding ceremony be dangerous, then you are not thinking out of the box. Yes, these kinds of events might have minimum risk, but again, unfortunate events don’t come knocking at the door.

A kid wearing a princess gown might get stuck in her dress and fall, hitting her head on the thing solid, does that sound like an emergency to you? The point is; we as humans are prone to risk, illness, and, injuries. So anywhere we go other than a house, we are out in the open. And to be prepared for any kind of risk, it is important and the duty of the event organizer to have that settled and pre-planned by hiring a medical cover for events.

For more precision, here are the types of events that require medical cover:


Trade shows





And more!

Why do you need to hire paramedics for these events?

Valhalla Medics

These events mentioned above and more of what we didn’t mention, should always be pre-planned with hiring a paramedics team. Having paramedics on the site of events doesn’t just stop things from going sideways, but they also give people a sense of security and safety. Guests feel comfortable and can enjoy the event instead of running around before their kids so they don’t hurt themselves with anything.

Hiring medical cover will not only provide medical assistance to the attendees of events but also keep an eye on the flaws that can cause trouble later. Paramedics teams don’t just have medical professionals who know how to handle medical emergencies. Professional companies like Valhalla Medics provide medical logistics and planning and an assistant manager for a lookout will be roaming around to keep an eye on the guests and will report immediately in case of any incident.

Hiring paramedics for events will keep the manager out of trouble and the stress of taking care of everything on his/her own. The organizers won’t have to be worried about the safety and comfort of guests after they have planned everything effortlessly, they deserve the event to end well.

What is included in medical cover for events?

Medical cover for all sporting events, corporate events, festivals, or any other events must include the:

First-aid providers

Professional equipment

Skilled paramedics

Staff for testing services

If there is a sporting event, then there also should be:

Mobile hospital:

A setup at the site of the sporting event, equipped with mandatory professional equipment that can handle severe patients on spot, until they are taken to the hospital.

Standby ambulance and drivers:

Sporting events could cause a medical emergency that involves internal injuries, concussions, and internal bleeding. All these cases could lead to severe repercussions and could be fatal as well. So, when you hire paramedics for a sporting event, don’t forget to hire a standby ambulance service. Because they will be able to take care of critical medical emergencies by taking the patient to the nearest hospital immediately.

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Why work with Valhalla Medics?

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